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Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States


I had such a difficult time deciding which image to submit this week! I have some real gems of both American Goldfinches and House Finches, so narrowing it down was a real challenge

I finally decided on this one. It’s just a common male House Finch. But he dangled on the end of this snow covered pine branch after one of this year’s first winter snow storms, contemplating his next move. I love the contrast of his vivid rosy pink coloring against the snow, the tilt of his head, the over the shoulder glance which shows off both his pretty pink head and interesting wing markings. Christmas card perfect!

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Category: Eye Catchers

Christmas Card Perfect

AWARD WINNER: Week 13: People’s Choice

5 replies on “Christmas Card Perfect”

bill lewis says:

The red offset against the snow creates a beautiful image.

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful choice, Janet! Such a clear, crisp image perfect for a winter greeting!

Ellen Lewis says:

Picture Postcard Perfect, Janet. Well done. It has to be a winner! It’s a great image to admire, that’s certain. Nice work, again.

Donna Andersen says:

Wow, fabulous picture!

Martha Bean says:


I am a Texas artist in Fort Worth and would like permission to oil paint this finch. I would credit your photo on the back of the canvas.

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