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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States

Cooper’s Hawk Feasting On A Downy Woodpecker

Cooper's Hawk Feasts on a Downy Woodpecker 12-21-2014

2 replies on “Cooper’s Hawk Feasting on a Downy Woodpecker”

Ellen Lewis says:

Wow! That Cooper’s hawk looks like she’s not gonna let anybody get close to her kill. Photos of wildlife killing prey are wonderful, but they can never replace the thrill of seeing and photographing the event in person. It’s such a rare (even sad) experience, but it will be one you will never forget. Very nice photo, Ms. Barski. It tells the story well. You have my vote!

Mary Cantz says:

I had a Coop land 3 foot above my feeder yesterday, but luckily for me (not the hawk) it was a slow period at my feeder. Raptors have to eat, too, but I’d rather not witness the carnage. A great capture for both you and the hawk!

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