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Beverly J Sawyer

Maine, United States


This is one of two new Downy Woodpeckers that attended our feeders this year. They have both reached maturity now and I had to rename them to: Dee-Hee and Dee-She because one is male and one is female. I actually had to rescue one of them when it flew into our picture window and my cat immediately picked it up. I managed to get the bird from him after giving him a “Treat” right away so he would drop it, which he did. I scooped “Dee-Dee” up and put it in a box in a quiet dark room for an hour and then opened the box to see if it could fly out and it did! (These were instructions I was given by Bird Rehabilitators). I’ve rescued 5 chickadees and the downey.

“Dee-Dee” Downy

"Dee-Dee" Downy visits the suet feeder his/her first season.

2 replies on ““Dee-Dee” Downy”

Virginia Kwarta says:

1. How can I discourage woodpeckers in east hampton, ny from attacking my house?

2. Are they found in a particular season or all year?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Virginia, woodpeckers live in your area all year round. Please refer to this article for more details on why woodpeckers hammer on houses and what you can do to help prevent it.

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