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Nicki Boggs

Cleves, OH, United States


A pair of Wood Ducks taking flight. This picture was taken in the Oxbow region of Shawnee Lookout Park near Cleves, Ohio.

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Duck Dynasty

Wood ducks in flight

10 replies on “Duck Dynasty”

Rita Smith says:

She loves doing this more than anything

Nicki Boggs says:

I do! With all my heart!! 🙂

Sandi King says:


Nicki Boggs says:

Thank you!

Ellen Lewis says:

What a great study of these wood ducks in flight. Nicely done.

Nicki Boggs says:

Thank you very much! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how well the capture of the wood ducks in flight turned out!

Donna Barski says:

I love this photo of the wood duck pair. Without the female in flight, one does not get to see the subtle blue colors. The teardrop eye-ring on the female really stands out nicely.

Thanks for the unique visual perspective of these gorgeous ducks.

Nicki Boggs says:

Thank you so much! I was very pleased when I saw how the picture turned out when I downloaded it. I love photographing birds and have many great pictures of birds in flight, but I chose this one for entry because it showed both male and female together and I loved how the coloring on the ducks is displayed in this photograph!

Theresa Nickels says:

So lovely!

Nicki Boggs says:

Thank you!

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