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steve fisher

Caltabellotta, Province of Agrigento, Sicily, Italy


One of the many wonderful things about the hilltop town of Caltabellotta is that there are lots of vantage points that allow you to look down on birds as they fly by. This is a top view of a Common Magpie as it soars over a ceramic tile roof even further below.

Flying Magpie

Flying Magpie

4 replies on “Flying Magpie”

Ellen Lewis says:

Wonderful detail and color contrast in your photo, exposing not only the beautiful wings but that tail. I didn’t realize the Magpie tail flared that much. I learn something with a lot of photos here. Thank you, and you have my vote.

Eddie Robinson says:

I agree about learning more about birds through pictures provided here. I’m noticing how some birds tails flare, while other faster birds seem to keep their tail feathers tighter together. I’m also noticing how close the back of the wing feathers are to the tail feathers. This magpie is very widespread when in flight. lol.

Ferne Dalton says:

This is one of the most common birds at my location in Canada and easier to see and photograph close up in winter. Their antics are great fun to watch too. Can be a challenge to catch that lovely iridescent green which is sometimes hidden away. As has been pointed out, quite an eye catching picture with the unusual, contrasting background and the overhead vantage point…Nice work.

Theresa Nickels says:

Common Magpie… nothing common about this bird or this shot! Beautiful Work!

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