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Arlene Scheuer

Phoenix, AZ, United States


Under our covered patio I was pointing out something when one of our male Anna’s Hummingbird flew on the tip of my finger and allowed me to walk round for over a minute before flying off.

Friendly Male Anna’s Hummingbird

Human perch

3 replies on “Friendly male Anna’s Hummingbird”

Theresa Nickels says:

What a great experience! Thank you for sharing it!

“Birds of a feather – flock together”
My mother-in-law’s name was ‘Theresa’ and my maiden name was ‘Nickel’. With the similarity of our names we share similar likings. Glad you responded to my entry.

Amber Snyder says:

That is so awesome! I thought that hummingbirds were kind of mean so I was floored but amazed by this picture! I love hummingbirds and would love an experience like you had, how neat! Thank you for sharing your photo!!

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