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Donna Barski

Whitney, ON, Canada


Last summer my husband and I glided slowly toward this stately heron standing in the shallow waters of a lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario. The closer we got the more nervous we became, fully expecting this beauty to fly off. To our surprise the heron stayed the entire time we were near. We steadied our canoe and and hushed our voices to a whisper as my husband took several photos. Did the heron think it was hidden by the purple pickerel weed? To a frog or other unsuspecting aquatic prey it certainly was. But for us, the colorful scene was nature at her best.

Great Blue Heron & Purple Pickerel Weed

Not a Muscle Moved - Not a Feather Fluttered

4 replies on “Great Blue Heron & Purple Pickerel Weed”

Ellen Lewis says:

Oh! This is one beautiful ‘flora and fauna’ image that couldn’t get any better. It’s as if the Great Blue Heron is trying to be in camouflage with the Purple Pickerel Weed, and I believe it worked! Liked your description here very much, too. You have my vote!

Donna Barski says:

Thanks for your appreciation, astute observation, and vote!


Paul Thompson says:

Very nice! I appreciate learning the story behind the photo, it puts the photo into context. I’ve noticed that sometimes herons are spooked easily and sometimes they seem to ignore my presence – must have been preoccupied.

Donna Barski says:

To Paul Thompson,

I’m glad you enjoyed my husband’s photo and reading about our experience with the heron. I should have also mentioned that we were especially pleased that we were able to paddle away without spooking the heron. Then, a few minutes later, when we beached our canoe, we looked back and saw the heron still at its station.

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