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Andrea Popick

Chincoteague Island, VA, United States


I was taking photos of this great blue heron as it landed in a tree by the Toms Cove visitor center in Chincoteague National Wildlife Center, VA. It was being vocal as I took the shot. When I reviewed my photo on my computer, I was very surprised and pleased that I had captured the moment when it had it’s tongue sticking out. There is a great variation in bird tongues and this was the first time I have seen a fish eating bird’s tongue which has papillae (spines) on it to aid in positioning and consumption of fish, which the heron swallows whole.

Great Blue Heron Sticking It’s Tongue Out!

Sticking it's tongue out!

11 replies on “Great Blue heron sticking it’s tongue out!”

Marilyn OBrien says:

I love the way this photographer caught the Blue Heron at the right moment. The composition is so precise it makes the image jump out at you.
Nicely done.

elizabeth donahue says:

once in a life-time photo

Andrea Popick says:

Elizabeth, you are probably right – I may never see a heron’s tongue again.

Amber Kresge says:

Nice composition. The photographer captured a very unique picture by getting the shot at exactly the right moment. I love that you can see the bird’s tongue and that it is sticking up rather than lying flat on the floor of his mouth. Very nicely done!

Theresa Nickels says:

Great shot and wonderful information! Thank you for sharing it!

Andrea Popick says:

Theresa, thank you for your comment. I had a little bit of luck and was in the right place at the right time. I did some research on bird’s tongues and was happy to share it.

Donna Barski says:

Great photo and great timing by Andrea. This definitely qualifies as an unexpected photo. It is unique and interesting.

And, I learned about bird tongues! Thanks!

Andrea Popick says:

Donna, thanks for your comment. It was definitely unexpected!

Olivia says:

How strange, I’ve never seen a herons tongue, but you had the luck to capture an image of it! Thank you for sharing it!

Andrea Popick says:

Olivia, I was happy to share it and you are welcome.

Gayle Neufeld says:

Very nice image Andrea! Everything about it is good – composition, exposure. And the timing was perfect.

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