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Tina Lant

Nebraska City, NE, United States


This little cutie visited me everyday for about a week to get the seed I’d throw at the edge of my driveway. I read that Homing Pigeons can travel long distances and get food wherever they can along the way. I felt so blessed to have it make a stop at my place.

Homing Pigeon Just Passing Through

Passing through

5 replies on “Homing Pigeon just Passing Through”

Very cool! I’ve also found a homing pigeon, but it was shot with a B-B gun. So sad that it didn’t get far. But lucky you, to have had a Homing Pigeon at your feeder! How cute he is!

Tina says:

Awww! How sad that someone shot the one you found with a bb gun. That is simply cruel! I cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing? I love Pigeons and Doves, but I know many people do not. I think they are so elegant. 🙂 Thank you Olivia for your comment. It was such a special treat seeing this beautiful Homing Pigeon and I really missed it once it moved on. I’ll continue to toss birdseed at the edge of my driveway in case it ever decides to come this way again 🙂

Andrea Popick says:

Great photo and you were lucky to have it visit you. I have only had one stop in my yard for two days after a severe storm.

Tina says:

🙂 Thank you so much Andrea! I’m happy that you too had the chance to be visited by one of these “travelers.”

Jefiner68 says:

I have a beautiful Homing Pigeon who has decidedhe’sstaying. I think he may have a nest in the fallen tree next to our property. We’ve had hail every day for a couple of weeks. I’m thinking he doesn’t wanna fly in bad weather.

He usually hangs out and leaves just before dusk. Here when i wake.

I feed and water him daily. I named him, Bruce be Pigeon.

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