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Dale Farnham

Pomfret Center, Pomfret, CT, United States

Immature Northern Goshawk Surveying Our Feeders!

Young Northern Goshawk Surveying Our Feeders!

4 replies on “Immature Northern Goshawk Surveying Our Feeders!”

Ellen Lewis says:

Goshawks are incredibly shy and very fast in flight. I wonder if you know just how lucky you were to not only see this bird actually sitting still? Dale, this is a beautiful image complete with the Goshawk’s wonderful camouflage against the natural background. Nice work, and I’m so jealous!

Dale Farnham says:

Thank you for your comment, Ellen- and yes, I do feel very lucky! When I first posted this picture on my FB page, I identified it as an unusually large Cooper’s- but its size (a good 21″) nagged at me. My son, who works at the Lloyd Center for the Environment, sent the photo to a well-respected MA state ornithologist, who verified the hawk as an immature Northern Goshawk, and remarked “This is an uncommon bird everywhere these days, and nice to see one in CT”! This hawk spent several days visiting our feeder area… but now spends time watching over the marshland at the rear of our property. We are thrilled to have such a special guest!

Donna Barski says:

Ellen is so right! Great shot of this goshawk!

Dale Farnham says:

Thank you, Donna 🙂

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