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Janet Reynolds

La Cygne, KS, United States


With no trees nearby or area to hang feeders, I had to get creative. I had 2 old swingsets that the nieces and nephews had outgrown so we pulled them up closer to the house and the hooks work wonderfully for hanging a variety of feeders. Also have a rusty old wagon that I use to sit feeder on, and a concrete porch steps that I put the water container on that is heated during winter. Sometimes you have to be creative. There are large pecan trees out in the yard and timber to the west, south and hay bales and weeds that we let go to seed to the north…makes a good area for them to fly too after feeding at the feeders.

Just A Swingin’ With My Birds

I used 2 of the children's old swing sets and hang a variety of feeders from them.

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