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Diane Marshman

New Milford, PA, United States


Juvenile male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Keep Looking Up

AWARD WINNER: Week 2: People’s Choice

18 replies on “Keep Looking Up”

LuAnn Killie says:

Absolutely Beautiful Diane!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Cheryl says:

Gorgeous shot

This is a beautiful pic, and think it should surely win….

betty booth says:

a favorite of mine so hoping to see that it wins

Candi Boone says:

Beautiful. I love this.

Joyce Kennedy says:

A little bird giving us all good advice: when the outlook’s not so good, try the uplook!!

Ann binetti says:

Beautiful shot which is a sure winner!

Sandy Vincent says:

Can you tell me what kind of camera you used?

Nancy says:

Beautiful shot! Love the details in the photo!

lynn prost says:

Beautiful picture ,you should win this hands down.

lynn prost says:

You will win hands down.

Noeleen McRae says:

Stunning photo, I wish I could take great bird photos

Lynette Clark Kennedy says:

Diane, that’s a beautiful photo of a hummingbird! Nice job!

charles ralston says:

Beautiful Diane

Patty Abbott says:

Awesome picture Diane!

Beautiful photo, Diane!

Patti Stewart says:


Tom Hoebbel says:

spectacular detail!

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