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Vivian Lamb

Albuquerque, NM, United States


Male Lesser Goldfinch sitting among pink flowers and seemingly posing for the camera!

Lesser Goldfinch In Spring

Posing for the camera!

12 replies on “Lesser Goldfinch in spring”

Deborah says:

Simple and stunning!

Barb says:

Now that’s one handsome Finch.

Karen says:

So pretty and untouched!

Marie says:

A truly beautiful picture.

Rachel says:

One of my favorites of yours! Love it.

Paulette Cary says:

Ah, Spring! (speaking from Chicago)

Kathy says:

I love the composition of the finch within the branches and especially the contrast between the pink of the flowers and the yellow of the finch’s breast. Way to go Vivian!
Love Gramma K

Sam Ellenport says:

What makes this a commanding image is the slight misfocus of the petals at the edges of the image and the delineation of the center of the picture that is so crisp that one can almost see individual feathers! The turned head and watchful eye makes this very eye appealing.

tara says:

love the contrast of colors

Nancy says:

That’s one handsome goldfinch who seems to know how special he is and that pink flowers are just perfect to show off his good looks! Lovely photo with nice colors. It’s spring!! Hopefully soon. Great job. Nancy

Avril says what a wonderful combination of flowers and birds. How do you do it ?!? says:

Avril says what a wonderful combination of beautiful flowers with a beautiful
goldfinch. Well done !!

Anne-Laure says:

I absolutely adore the juxtaposition of the flashy yellow and the pale pink flowers! You have my vote!

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