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Becky O'Neill

Arbon Valley, ID, United States


I went with my local Audubon Chapter, The Portneuf Audubon Society, to view lekking Sage-grouse. We are lucky in Idaho to be able to view these birds every Spring. The trick is to get there just before first light. So long as you are quiet and you car does not move, they will continue dancing and mating. What is interesting to me, is that when they grouse are all done for the day they all mysteriously jump up and fly away all together. This fellow flew right by my window and I was rewarded with a lovely morning photograph. I especially like how you can see the contraction of the pectoral muscles in the grouse’s chest. It takes a lot of muscle and gusto for them to get off the ground.

Live To Lek Another Day

A male Sage-grouse leaves the lek for the morning to go forage.

3 replies on “Live to Lek Another Day”

Ferne Dalton says:

This is such a good picture I was surprised to learn how it was taken. The glint in the eye, the blurred wings in action, the sharp details in the tail, the angle of the bird… all make for a top quality and dynamic action shot. Thank you…and this is where my vote goes.

Susie Buckley says:


Ellen Lewis says:

Super photo! I appreciate your skill in being able to capture this grouse in full flight and keep the detail so fine. Thank you.

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