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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States


One year a pileated woodpecker nested in a large hollow beech tree in our 8 acres of mixed woods. To encourage another pileated to nest again, my husband constructed the nest box you see in the photo. One autumn day he mounted it 30 feet high on a sugar maple. In May, while in our woods, we noticed that the box was occupied. Excited that it might be a pileated chick peeking out, we looked closer and saw the two screech owl owlets instead. So, the box was a success, but not as we had planned but how an Eastern Screech Owl had planned. We were not the least bit disappointed as you can imagine.

Look Closely At Whooooo Is Looking At You! One Or Two….?

Look Closely! Whoooo is looking at you. One or two....?

2 replies on “Look closely at Whooooo is looking at you! One or Two….?”

Ellen Lewis says:

Oh, I am sorry I couldn’t leave a comment before last week’s entries ended! What an adorable photo, Donna. It was such a surprise to find there were two wee owlets there instead of the one! Nice going. Very nice photo, and it’s fun too! You deserved my vote.

Very cute! And a very nice story to go with it.

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