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Sandy Fenstermacher

Lewisburg, WV, United States


While watching my feeders I saw this Red-shouldered hawk fly down from a tree and get this mole for his lunch.

Lunch Time

Lunch time

6 replies on “Lunch time”


I have seen some other bird photos that Sandy has taken and she gets really good pictures. I particularly like this photo it seems as if the bird was posing for her.

Ron says:

Well, as a mammal, I sort of feel bad about the mouse being lunch. I had a mouse come in the house earlier in the winter and it could have been a pet mouse had I not tried to catch it to take it back outside. Now I see why he came in! Unfortunately, he never entered my safe trap and never showed up again.

pat says:

Beautiful picture Sandy.

Nancy Coleman says:

Have loved Sandy’s pictures for many years but her bird pictures have been the best.

Donnie Shaw says:

One of the best pictures I’ve seen.

Diana says:

I enjoy seeing Sandy’s photos. She is always right there, at the right time, ready with her camera for the perfect photo.

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