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Carolyn Mathur

York, PA, United States


The raised deck is nestled among tall evergreens and deciduous trees, which the birds love. The large oak attracts woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and others, which then supplement their diet with the whole nut tube feeders on the deck. A hedge of bushes runs close to the side of the deck, so birds can easily land there on their approach to the feeders. Small birds enjoy hiding in the evergreens, and we occasional see a Coopers Hawk there, and hear Great Horned Owls hooting from there in the evening. We have a deck mounted water tray, and use sunflower and safflower seeds, suet, nyger and hummingbird sugar water. We have great birds throughout the seasons!

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Category: Week 1: Your Yard & Feeders

My Suburban Birding Oasis

My bird-watching view of the deck in my back yard.

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