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Gail Morris

Lebanon, TN, United States


This feeder is about two feet from the window which is on the second floor. Each night three flying squirrels would visit for dinner. They got use to me watching them and would play and eat right in front of me.

Nighttime Visitors

Flying Squirrel

3 replies on “Nighttime visitors”

Donna Barski says:

What a cutie!

I love flying squirrels! The welcome sign is up at our bird feeders for these little night raiders. Our feeders are not as close to our house, though. So, I appreciate your great close-up.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

How absolutely adorable! You are so lucky to get flying squirrels. I’ve never seen one before in person. I was hoping someone would post an image of a flying squirrel, so your amazing close-up really made me happy!

jeff says:

That is very cool !! I would spoil them to bits !! 🙂

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