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Heidi Schmidt

Calgary, AB, Canada


This cute little orange house finch stopped by my feeder and let me take a few photos. I have seen many red ones and some mixed but never one with this solid orange – so pretty!


Orange Morph House Finch

Orange Morph House Finch

6 replies on “Orange Morph House Finch”

Carol says:

I have a bird never seen here as far as I know, and I watch birds a lot and also take pictures. Well anyways it just showed up, for the first time. well when I did some research It was this “Orange Morph House Finch” I couldn’t even find it in my old Birds of North America guide book. Anyways I live in North Dakota. Are they common and do they migrate here? Where do they come from? We have Yellow finch and the Purple(Red) finch, but never seen these kind here before. Exciting! Well hope you can tell me alittle about this cute little bugger Thanks Carol

Lisa fox says:

I live in Temecula ca … first time seeing the orange finch … beautiful

Judy Johnson says:

I have a family of orange morph house finches. Many seen to be more of a softer saffron color. Beautiful.

I have had an Orange Morph Finch at my feeder for a month or so. FINALLY grabbed the binoculars and saw it close up…. just beautiful! And thanks to your website I am finally able to identify it! We are in Frisco, Texas 6/20/23

Jay A says:

Saw several orange morph house finches at my feeders this week. There’s a first time for everything!

Lynn Kraus says:

I have (at least) one of these in my yard and have been seeing it for about a month coming to my seed feeders. I’ve never seen them before. I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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