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Victoria Chang

Oakland, NJ, United States


Osprey was so loud that it caught my attention and check, grab my camera, start taking pictures perch in very high dead oak tree branch. It was so bright and sunny late morning. I cannot comprehend what the Osprey had until I check my many camera shoots in my main line computer and realized it was the river trout down the hill Ramapo River in my backyard. The river trout still alive and wiggling, bloody. I see every year the Osprey in early Spring through late Fall in our woodland backyard right out Ramapo river and mountain awesome view. As well as Bald Eagle, herons, migratory and main-stay birds. My love and hobby of bird/wildlife watching in daily basis, camera ready. I am not a professional photographer but I am learning through many experience

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Species: Osprey

Osprey With Fresh River Trout

Caught in Action

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