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M. Howarth

Guelph, ON, Canada


This was one of at least seven Wild Turkey poults who, along with their mother, were foraging in the scrub at the roadside. The poults didn’t confine themselves to wandering in the weeds and long grass; they also clambered all over the fallen branches on a long-dead tree. I was really impressed by their beautiful plumage and by how effectively they blended in, no matter what the background. It was hard to get an exact count on the young, since they *never* stopped moving, often disappearing into the scrub. I could swear that in addition to foraging, they were playing!


Perfect Camo

Wild Turkey poult

3 replies on “Perfect Camo”

Ellen Lewis says:

Your picture is beautiful. I like the setting, colors and composition; great detail in that sweet little poulte, too. Very nice. You have my vote.

Donna Barski says:

What a wonderful sighting and photo! East to take a photo of a turkey and family out in the open. To see this sweet little “kid” scrambling in the brambles must have been a thrill for you.

M. Howarth says:

Thank you so much Ellen and Donna! This was the first time I’d seen turkeys this young and got a good look at them. It was really exciting, and I was able to watch them for about 10 minutes by lurking quietly in my car at the side of the road.

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