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Pamela Dimeler

Media, PA, United States


This Red-headed Woodpecker is the first one I’ve seen in Delaware County, PA. It has moved in to a beautiful Birch tree and claimed the tree and surrounding territory. I’ve seen him defend his territory against Pileated Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, Red-bellied and more! Fall of 2015

Red-headed Woodpecker In Flight

Red-Headed Woodpecker in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A very rare sighting for this area.

One reply on “Red-headed Woodpecker in Flight”

Barbara Drew says:

Today, 4/27/24, we saw two Red Headed Woodpeckers on our feeder and on the ground below the feeder. We live in York County in Shrewsbury PA. We don’t remember seeing them before and have lived here 44 years.

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