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April Raver

Medaryville, IN, United States


The lighting happened to be just right to capture this sandhill cranes silhouette on it’s own wing as it flew by at sunrise at Jasper-Pulaski FWA in Indiana. Tens of Thousands of Sandhills congregate in the fields at Jasper-Pulaski each fall during migration.

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Sandhill Silhouette

A Sandhill Crane's silhouette is captured on it's own wing as it flies overhead at Jasper Pulaski FWA in Indiana.

5 replies on “Sandhill Silhouette”

Toni Brown says:

Love Sandhill Cranes and their calls!

Sharon Mullen says:

Loved the photo:)

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful shot!

Ron Smith says:

This beautiful picture should be an award winner!

I love how the shadow of the head and neck is seen on the wing. Great image!

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