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Mary & Maddie Nolan

Richardson, TX, United States


We went to the park one day and found this precious scissortail. They are such busy birds and yet he sat nicely for us and even seemed to smile at the camera.

Silly Scissortail

He is so sweet.

3 replies on “Silly Scissortail”

Donna Barski says:

I would not describe this bird as “sweet!” He is gorgeous! What a great portrait photo. I especially love seeing the white outline edges of the wing feathers. Of course that long unique tail is impressive.

I recommend others looking at your photo to enlarge it for an even more impressive (clear detailed) view of this handsome scissortail. I’d frame this photo.

Mary Nolan says:

oh Donna, thank you so much, it was taken by my daughter when she was 11. What a nice comment! thank you. She still thinks the bird is sweet!

Donna Barski says:

You are welcome! I’m sure you passed on my comment to your daughter. I do love it!

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