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Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States


I think the Baltimore Oriole Organization of America was meeting in my backyard this past August. There were many heated discussions going on at the grape jelly feeder, mostly about who got first dibs. Usually only 1-2 birds were at the feeder at a time, with others waiting their turn in the bushes at the back of the yard. I couldn’t believe it when I caught this shot. Five orioles (and there was actually a 6th that I could fit in the frame) were chattering among themselves and pushing each other aside, all vying for a bit of the grape goodies.

Snack Bar

Lots of heated "discussions" going on at the grape jelly feeder.

4 replies on “Snack Bar”

Cheryl Stephenson says:

Beautiful shot! Love seeing the whole flock!

John Dykstra says:

Great image.

Carol Kuipers says:

Love this picture

chuck says:

Beautiful color and composition, thought would be a winner, guess i did not understand the contest. thought it was a feeder shot.

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