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Judi Dressler

Louisville, CO, United States


I had just gone into the kitchen for a cup of tea, when I saw these two Northern Flickers on my deck railing, staring each other down and doing their head dance. A few minutes later, they flew up at each other in an aerial confrontation, and then took off in different directions.

Sparring Flickers

AWARD WINNER: Week 4: People’s Choice

4 replies on “Sparring Flickers”

Donna Barski says:

Your photo of the sparing flickers really caught my attention! I’m glad that these birds caught your attention and that you were ready with your camera. Nice going, Judi.

You have my vote.

Judi Dressler says:

Thanks so much, Donna! I was super excited by the shot – have never seen this happen before or since!

Jackie Humphrey says:

What a great pic; one of those once in a lifetime shots. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us birdwatchers and photographers!

Judi Dressler says:

Thank you, Jackie! I so appreciate your nice comment!

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