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Alejandra Lewandowski

Glenolden, PA, United States


The dark-eyed juncos, newly arrived from up north, eagerly took to our bird bath this fall. This one, with a particularly impish look on his face and warm fall colors as a backdrop, stuck one foot down into the water as if to make sure the temperature was right for a bath. He must have found it favorable, for moments later he was splashing about!

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Testing The Waters

"Water's great, feels just like a bath!"

8 replies on “Testing the Waters”

Theresa Nickels says:

Cute Shot!

Alejandra Lewandowski says:

Awww, thank you Theresa!!! ^_^

Ellen Lewis says:

What a great shot! You captured that little junco in perfect position entering the water. Very nice.

Alejandra Lewandowski says:

Thank you Ellen!!!! 🙂

How beautiful, and perfectly matches the title. Nice photo!

amy says:

Super cute photo & title

Alejandra Lewandowski says:

Thank you Olivia!!! 🙂

Your very welcome, winner for sure!

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