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Deb Johnston

Goderich, ON, Canada


Very unexpected for me as I was trying to get a shot of this Juvenile Northern Shrike on a hydro wire, when he flew down and landed right beside my vehicle and began scouring the ground for prey!!…you can still see the remnants of his last kill on his beak and breast feathers!…very exciting moment!

The Unexpected…Norther Shrike!

4 replies on “The Unexpected…Norther Shrike!”

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful opportunity to get an excellent photo!

Andrea Popick says:

Very nice photo. Thanks for sharing.

I was going to say, wow that is awesome that you can still see the blood from his last meal. Awesome detail, and the Shrike really stands out against the white snow and dead grasses. Very nice image!

Donna Barski says:

Thanks for sharing this exciting moment of this handsome bird. I have never seen a Northern Shrike. I’ve heard about their hunting habits, though.

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