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roberta pharis

Parsons, WV, United States


The Watcher: He’s Behind Me, Isn’t He….?

AWARD WINNER: Week 3: People’s Choice

6 replies on “The Watcher: He’s behind me, isn’t he….?”

Julie Grego says:

Awesome photo!! How did that owl get in there? Good Luck,this deserves to win!!

Baljit says:

This picture has my vote!

Eliza says:


Virgil Cooper says:

This is awesome on so many levels! The juxtaposition of the grumpy bird seeking shelter and the cheerful bird making the best of the weather speaks to me.

Teresa Tennant says:

You simply amaze me, Sis! Just when I think you have done your best, you prove me wrong by shooting something like this, WOW!

Jennifer Dillon says:

This photo is fabulous. You have a real gift of capturing the world around you. Amazing.

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