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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States


I was in my kitchen working, when I heard a deep rapping sound that just would not stop! I knew there was a pileated woodpecker hard at work like I was. I looked out my window and there he was on a decaying beech tree log. I took a photo series right from my kitchen window. Unfortunately, he was a bit far for a good close up. In this photo, he seems to be taking a break before resuming his head jarring task. I hope he found some nice juicy carpenter ants for lunch.

Time For A Break!!!

Time for a Break!!!!

2 replies on “Time for a Break!!!”

Ellen Lewis says:

I enjoy studying details in many different photographs. On closer look of your photo of the vibrant Pileated Woodpecker on the ground, I wonder if I see a hole just under his body, a hole that he is digging out with that great beak of his. Looks like fresh wood chips around the edge as well. I’m just curious. More importantly, I do like your photo.

Donna Barski says:

Hi Ellen,

I just sent a reply to your comment. Unfortunately – it was a reply to myself. I’m new using this system.

So, I’ll try again…

Thank you for taking the time to look more closely at the pileated woodpecker on the beech log. You are correct, he did excavate quite a hole and created a mess of wood chips. (I know because I checked the spot after he flew away.)

The only way to really appreciate my photo is to examine it more closely like you did.
I’m so glad you did and I’m glad you like my photo. And thanks for telling me!

Best to be Birding…


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