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Photo Submission

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Karen Burke

Enfield, CT, United States


A Sharp-shinned Hawk with a starling. Taken in my yard last winter.


AWARD WINNER: Week 14: Judges’ Choice

12 replies on “Uncle!?”

Ellen Lewis says:

As graphic as this photo is, you’ve captured the essence of what the Sharp-shinned Hawk does best, and I admire your beautiful, “Sharp-lens” image very much. Very nice, indeed!

Karen Burke says:

Thank you!

Olivia says:

Very cool, a sharp clear image. It’s very interesting with the dead starling and the hawk looking at it. Very good image!

Karen Burke says:

Thank you!

chuck says:

tells it like it is. nice detail. excellent lighting

Karen Burke says:

Thanks so much!

Theresa Nickels says:

This is quite an image, Karen. Powerful predator, prey face-up, beak open, flattened in the snow… what a drama!

Karen Burke says:

Thank you! It was hard to watch and very exciting at the same time. It was my first shot of a raptor close up.

You deserved that win!

Karen Burke says:

Thank you, I was very excited to see my photo win.

Great shot, razor sharp and great action… congratulations…

Karen Burke says:

Thank you!

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