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Shauna Robinson

Twin Falls


The kestrel nesting box in our backyard has been a source of enjoyment and many fledglings over numerous years. As the fledglings begin learning about the world they often rest on top of the box, providing ample opportunity for “family” photos. What gorgeous raptors they are in all stages of their lives!

View From The Nesting Box

2 replies on “View from the Nesting Box”

Donna Barski says:

Fabulous handsome threesome and interesting story about their nesting box – in your backyard!

What wonderful experiences you have had observing these birds. They must be happy with the accommodations. Now I want a kestrel nesting box!

Shauna Robinson says:

Thanks, Donna! You would love having a kestrel nesting box! I noticed just this morning a couple of kestrels flying around the nesting box area, and I assumed it was a pair starting the mating ritual. Following the whole process from rituals to the fledging of the young is really amazing. We take it so seriously, we won’t even mow the yard near the box for fear of disturbing the kestrels! The neighbors can always tell when there are occupants in the box, that’s for sure!! I often wish I could know if the parents are the same pair year after year. Good luck with your nesting box!!


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