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S Beebe

Patagonia, AZ, United States


Violet-crowned Hummingbird in flight

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Violet-crowned Hummingbird In Flight

Violet-crowned Hummingbird in flight

11 replies on “Violet-crowned Hummingbird in flight”

Ann says:

Very lovely!!!

Armida Quiner says:

this photo shows quality, good taste, and professional skills. “Very beautiful”

Charlotte Arnold says:

Wonderful picture. Susie does such a terrific job and has some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Awesome!! Thank you Susie!

Rosemary Sisak says:

Beautiful !

Priscilla says:

Would have expected nothing less. Gorgeous

Donna Barski says:

I live in New York where the grand total of hummingbird species is ONE – (ruby throat).

So, I enjoy seeing photos of other hummer species.

Those rich blue head feathers make this one stunning.

Thanks for a great photo of this bird in action.

Lyn Henry says:

Very nice! Hard to catch these beauties in flight!

Andy Contreras says:

Wow! This is a great picture of a rarely seen hum in these parts, great shot Suzie!

Ceci Weatherford says:

Love it!!! Susie captures the most beautiful photos of these incredible birds. Great work!

The colors are so vibrant, and amazing, it almost looks like a hummingbird thats been painted on a bit! Great shot!

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