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Paul Thompson & Marilyn Drucker

Washington Crossing, PA, United States


After reading about mobbing behavior, I got to see it first hand one day in August. I was walking down a trail at Tyler State Park when I heard all this commotion in front of me. I saw Robins, Wood Thrush’s, Wood Pewees, Goldfinches, and Hummingbirds all mobbing a Red-tailed Hawk. Unknown to me, the Hawk had his eye on the Robin’s nest behind me. I didn’t realize I was part of the mob until after taking lots of pics, I walked away only to turn around and see the Hawk ponce on the Robin’s nest.


Waiting Out The Mob

I see Food

2 replies on “Waiting out the Mob”

Donna Barski says:

When I noticed a hawk and its potential prey together in the same frame, I just had to check out your photo. Why are the two perched near each other and why isn’t the hawk looking at the robin? After reading your description, I now know the rest of the story. What an interesting experience you had, Paul, resulting in this unique photo.

You’ve won my vote.

Paul Thompson says:

It was a memorable experience in part because I knew there was a Robin’s nest there. I had been following a Eastern Wood-Pewee nest for several days and the young were still in the area so I was aware of the Robin’s nest too. I guess there was nothing I could do to save the Robin’s once the Hawk knew it was there… That’s how nature works!

BTW: the Hawk came back about five minutes later so I assume he had a nest of young nearby too.


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