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Middleway, WV, United States


I was so focused on photographing these Cormorants on the Shenandoah River that I didn’t even notice the stuffed alligator on the log next to them until I uploaded the photos into my computer – LOL! I kept checking every time I went back to that area to see if the alligator was there, and it stayed there for a good month until the log finally washed away.

Watch Out For That Alligator!

4 replies on “Watch out for that alligator!”

How funny! And what a strange thing to accidentally photograph. I love your image!

Laura says:

Thank you! I still laugh at myself for not noticing the alligator while I was taking the photograph!

Theresa Nickels says:

The Cormorants are beautiful! the stuffed gator is so odd, but funny.

Laura says:

Thank you! I still wonder if someone boated out there and placed the alligator there on purpose, or if it just washed up there in that area that floods a lot. It is pretty funny 🙂

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