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Lori Buchman

Eden Prairie, MN, United States


We couldn’t believe it when we saw this goldfinch chewing away on our window screen. He kept coming back for more. We sure hope the babies enjoyed the soft nest!

You Don’t Need This Screen, Do You? It’s For My Babies!

Oops - Caught in the Act!!

6 replies on “You don’t need this screen, do you? It’s for my babies!”

Kathy Hackford says:

This is the cutest thing! And it went to a good cause, lol…a vote from me 🙂

I love it! So beautiful, and I love your title. I hope the babies were kept comfy after that “donation” from your window screen. And I love that “oh no they caught” me look.

Laura says:

Lori, this is a wonderful photo! Good luck!

Donna Barski says:

Another positive comment here from me! Love this pic! How did the goldfinch know that this screen would make good nesting material? (It does not look like typical screening material.) Show’s us how birds are quite the thinkers and experimenters! How many times did he look at this screen before making his decision to start collecting. Did he test it first? Many questions…

Of course – the screen is just another type of fiber to a bird.

Jan Lewis says:

Wonderful shot!

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful photo!

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