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Hui Sim

Tsawwassen, Delta, BC, Canada


After been vocally and physically harangued by a murder of nine Northwestern Crows for 3 hours earlier in the day, this female Great Horned Owl finally got her beauty sleep on the next door neighbor’s 100-foot Douglas Fir. Our regular troupe of backyard birds (Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Black-Capped Chickadees, Anna’s Hummingbirds, Golden-Crowned Sparrows, Fox Sparrows, Spotted Towhees, and Dark-Eyed Juncos) continued to go about their regular daily business, and even a few of the bolder and more curious popped up to see Sleeping Beauty. Taken from 50 feet away on a cloudy day. This is the first time we’ve seen a Great Horned Owl in the backyard! Taken in mid-November 2016.

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A Sleepy Great Horned Owl Pays A Visit

Look hoo's here! It was so amazing to see how well the plumage of this Great Horned Owl blended in with this Douglas Fir (but obviously not well enough to escape the notice of nine Northwestern Crows, who gave her a hard time for hours before throwing up their wings and leaving).

4 replies on “A Sleepy Great Horned Owl Pays a Visit”

Such amazing camouflage! Great shot!

Theresa Nickels says:

Gorgeous owl and beautiful shot!

Jan Newton says:

Absolutely fabulous bird and photo!

Sherril & Gary Guthrie says:

This is one of those photos that you can’t stop looking at. Thanks for capturing such an intricate and enjoyable image.

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