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Hui Sim

Tsawwassen, Delta, BC, Canada


The early blooming pyracantha bush has proven to be very popular with a number of fall and winter birds, including this American Robin. Earlier in the fall, I spotted six of these thrushes feasting away at the same time! My subject didn’t need to share the pommes with another feathered friend, and didn’t budge when I had the lens pointed her way from the front door. In fact, she continued to enjoy the bright red berries for a few moments more.


American Robin With A Pyracantha Pomme

Red on Winter Red

2 replies on “American Robin with a Pyracantha Pomme”

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful Color!

Hui says:

thank you, Theresa. the pyracantha berries are a big hit with many birds who winter here!

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