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S Beebe

Patagonia, AZ, United States


Patagonia Lake is one of my favorite places to take photographs. I see this Belted Kingfisher almost every time we visit the lake and it eludes my camera. This time it gave me an opportunity to get a shot of it in flight.


Belted Kingfisher Takes Flight

Belted Kingfisher takes flight

10 replies on “Belted Kingfisher takes flight”

Pamela Kanarr says:

Not an easy task this photo exudes vibrant energy

Armida Quiner says:

Very beautiful, you can see all the details of the feathers, the color and almost feel the strength of the wings. Very professional picture!!

Ann Rissel says:


Ken Testorff says:

Great work!

Mary Prise says:

What a beautiful photo. Detail is incredible!!!

Aggie Noel says:

Nice flight shot!!!!

Rosemary Sisak says:


Neel McCullough says:

A typical sbeebe shot taken at the precise moment. None better

frank gilbert says:

as always the right place @ the right time, very nice susy

Quent Quiner says:

What a marvelous picture! What words can describe such perfect and majestic beauty?

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