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Michele Moore

Shepherd, MI, United States


Some of the visitor’s that stop by daily to eat and just hang out N the hood.

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Species: House Sparrow

Birds N The Hood

Backyard birds in MI

11 replies on “Birds N the Hood”

Tammy Hill Lamich says:

Love this picture. Can be used for so many different things.

Tammy Hill Lamich says:

Love this picture. It can be used for so many different things.

Geralyn says:

Wow, what an amazing site to see so many cardinals and blue jays in the tree! Simply beautiful!

Bev Asimakis says:

I am voting for Michele Moore’s photo.

Bev Asimakis says:

Michele Moore’s photo is No. 1.

Laurie says:

Beautiful! I love her bird photos.

Danielle says:

What a beautiful picture with such colorful birds!

sandi says:

WOW I would love to see a tree in my backyard with so many beautiful birds in it AMAZING love this pic

Tom says:

I voted for “birds of the hood” by Mikki, excellent collection of so many varieties at one time, must be a friendly place.

Michael says:

Very beautiful picture .

Nice timing….

Kathryn Sheets says:

That’s a lot of different birds on that tree. Wonderful find.

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