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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, United States


The Tundra Swans chose the Galestown Millpond as a winter stopover for about a month on their migration north. Every night about 800 Tundra Swans would descend upon the pond. In the mornings before they ascended back into the sky, they would tip upside down to tug at underwater plants (for food) along the pond border. I was fortunate to get a shot of five swans tipping simultaneously.


Bottoms Up!

AWARD WINNER: Category 7: People’s Choice

4 replies on “Bottoms Up!”

Karen Hubbard says:

Really cute picture

Jennifer Moore says:

Another case of great timing by LRW!

Marty Pusey says:

Amazing photo!

Dee Lyon says:

Quite a catch!

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