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Stephen & Judy Shelasky

Longmeadow, MA, United States


During these cold winter days we get a great variety of birds to our feeders. but the Dark-eyed Junco seen here and in usually large numbers ground feeding, only occasionally joins his friends on this raised breakfast plate. Joining him we see a beautiful male Cardinal, American Goldfinch, and even two Pine Siskins.

Breakfast Buddies

Exchanging pleasantries......

2 replies on “Breakfast Buddies”

Diane Saladino says:

I just love all the bird pictures you have. I especially remember
the one with all the cardinals on the tree. !!! Wish I could afford
that one. !!!!

Cynthia Clayton says:

Beautiful photo. You do excellent work. And I really enjoy looking at all the photos you post.
Thank you so much for posting in My group

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