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sangeeta chakraborty

Steamboat Springs, CO, United States


Ospreys: fiercely active fishing raptors. Living exclusively on a diet of fishes, they hardly miss out on catching one. On the day when I took this picture, it was amazing to see how the anglers were waiting patiently to catch the trouts, while a couple ospreys were in a feeding frenzy. Successfully grabbing a fish now and then out of the water, while people still waited to get one in their hooks. I was lucky, to snap a series of photos of this osprey with the rainbow trout held in its talons.

Catch Of The Day

Osprey with prey

One reply on “Catch of the day”

Bob Turner says:

Nice. It is interesting how osprey hold their fish streamlined so it does not act like a keel and steer it elsewhere. They are able to carry some big fish.

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