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Tracey Watt

Saint James, NY, United States


This Cooper’s Hawk visited my backyard in the summer of 2016. Unfortunately for the hawk, it did not succeed in making a stealthy entrance onto the scene, and my usual feeder visitors immediately noticed the predator in their midst. Common Grackles stood watch in the treetops as a Northern Cardinal scolded the bird from a safe distance and Blue Jays sounded the alarm. A fearless Tufted Titmouse and a brave little Black-capped Chickadee both darted around the bird’s head, safe in the knowledge that with the element of surprise eliminated, the hawk wasn’t much of a threat to them. The hawk stayed in the tree for a while, glaring at the motley crew of birds pestering it from above, before finally giving up and leaving.

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Feeder Failure

This unexpected visitor was unable to snag any of my usual visitors!

6 replies on “Feeder Failure”

Kathy Mancuso says:

Stunning picture!!

Diane DeFilippo says:

Love the hawks look of determination. You captured this one perfectly!

LeeAnn Stock says:

Great shot!!

LeeAnn Stock says:

Great shot !!

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