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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, United States

Flying By The Light Of The Full Moon.

Flying by the light of the moon.

6 replies on “Flying by the light of the full moon.”

Lila Danner says:

Awesome you have captured the beauty of nature thank you for sharing your talentLila

Catherine Weiss says:

Beautiful! It reminds me of a Witching Halloween.

A rare gift and captured in time! Spectacular!

Don McCardle says:

I am always so impressed with Mary Lou’s work, she’s does a beautiful job. Would like to she her worked in magazines (etc.) for all to enjoy.

Vanessa Arthur says:

What a beautiful photo!

Karen McCurdy says:

Another amazing piece of photography by Mary Lou. I love this!!! Where was this taken? You have managed to capture the beauty of nature that most of us would have missed!!! Thanks! Karen

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