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JoAnne Pionessa

Warsaw, NY, United States


I have lots of birds that come to my yard but the Bluejays are the most entertaining. They sit on top of the feeders and peer in my window to let me know they need peanuts.


Grabbing A Snack!

13 replies on “Grabbing a snack!”

Mary Vento says:

JoAnne is a remarkable photographer. Her ability to capture wildlife at it’s best is outstanding.

Cassie says:

amazing photo!

Julie Logan says:

I love seeing close up details on these pictures that I cannot see with my eyes alone.

Teresa says:

Joanne’s picture captures the wonderful fluid movement of the bluejay.

Peg Demers says:

I place my vote for JoAnne’s photo.

Kelly paolini says:

Joanne’s pictures are always so captivating…so full of actions…love how close up each picture is..

Dawn Knight says:

Amazing! This is a gorgeous photo!

Trina says:

Awesome photo!

Elizabeth Czyryca says:

She has talent for witch I have no words absolutely stunning pictures she takes

Debbie says:

My vote is for joanne pionessa. Amazing photography

Candy says:

Amazing action shot. Great work.

Kathy v says:

Awesome picture 🙂 I am voting for this one

Wende Reiner says:

Love this shot, what a great capture ! Great job JoAnne !

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