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Shauna Robinson

Island Park, ID, United States


Our camp near Island Park last summer was frequented by two adult Great Gray Owls and their two fledglings. Everyday for a week, the owls flew in, through and near our camp in search of voles in the nearby meadow. Surprisingly, our presence did not bother them much so we often had up close and personal views of these magnificent birds. What a thrill it was!


Graceful Great Gray

2 replies on “Graceful Great Gray”

Beautiful bird, it’s awesome you got to see the owls often!

Shauna Robinson says:

Yes, Olivia, my husband and I were so very lucky to see these owls so often during our camping trip. About two months after this trip, we went back to see if the owls were still there and they were! I wanted to go over this winter to check on them, but the weather has been too bad for safe travel. I so hope the owls have been able to survive the severe cold and frequent snow storms this winter has brought!

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