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Romy Walker

Millwood, VA, United States


Driving down a back road this big guy caught my attention. He was so busy destroying a stump and eating grub after grub that he didn’t even notice me. I must have sat in my car watching him for half an hour. I took countless pics of him and that stump with wood flying everywhere. I think he was getting thirsty because all of a sudden he took off and headed for the pond. It was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon and a treat to see up close just how hard those beaks really are.

It’s A Bird,? It’s A Plane..? It’s Woody Woodpecker!!!

16 replies on “It’s a bird,? It’s a plane..? It’s Woody Woodpecker!!!”

Olivia says:

Beautiful image!

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful shot and great story! Thank you for sharing it!

Romy Walker says:

Thank you both so much for looking and taking the time to add a note.

Your photos always make me smile… Well done…

Virginia says:

Beautiful, striking and vivid photo!

Kelly says:

Love seeing all your pics.

J Wright says:

A poignant photo!
Colors and flight–vivid!

Lori LaRose says:

My favorite bird plus loved Woody woodpecker as a kid…Great shot thanks for sharing!
You are so correct…a wonderful way to spend your time…all the best

Romy Walker says:

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Your support means everything.

Cecilia says:

I love all your photos 🙂 True talent!!

Magdi Binn says:

It is a stunning photo! Brilliant colors!

KJH says:


Sonya Walden says:

What an amazing shot!

Magdi Binn says:

Stunning picture, really colorful.

Romy Walker says:

Gosh I’m overwhelmed. Thank you one and all for taking the time to both vote and leave such wonderful comments.

Sandy Moyich says:

Love this !! You totally captured this magnificent woodpecker ..

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