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Denise Wylie

North Park Lake, McCandless Township, PA, United States


Hiking in North Park..this hawk landed right next to me..i wouldnt of got the photo if the squirrel was crying..i would of closed my eyes if it was still alive…

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Lunch Time

Lunch time...

6 replies on “Lunch Time”

Debbie Pike says:

Love this. So close!!!

Denise Wylie says:

Deb he landed right next to me..i got a ton of pics…thank god the lil squirrel wasnt moving or crying..i would of closed my eyes..LOL.. 🙂

Sandy Kitzky says:

Beautiful pic

Denise Wylie says:

TY Sandy 🙂

Awesome photos Denise Wylie

Denise Wylie says:

TY Kimi thank god the lil squirrell was not crying i wouldnt of got the pic…

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