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heather thoma

Vernon Township, NJ, United States


This is one of three northern flying squirrels that are regulars on my suet feeder usually anytime after 6 PM until about midnight(weather depending) So I always have to make sure I have extra seed on hand after the birds are tucked in just for them!!!!

Midnite Snack Anyone?

9 replies on “midnite snack anyone?”

PC says:

That’s awesome!!!

h says:

thank u soo much for commenting!! I know they are verrry awesome!!!

DAnielle pepe says:

Wow what an amazing photo!!

h says:

thanks again!!! Outside watching them right now!!!!

h says:

hello ladies and gentlemen, as of tonight 2/20/17 at 9:05 PM, I can confirm there are four not three northern flying squirrels enjoying my suet tree feeder !!!!

Maria L says:

Love it! This truly fits the category description

h says:

Thank you soooo much!!!

Lori Grant says:

So cute! I was lucky to see these at my parents’ feeder in Wisconsin.

h says:

Aren’t they the cutest !!! I feel lucky they have chosen my suet feeder to come to and luckily I noticed them late one night listening for owls. Although when I hear the owls I don’t see the squirrels though,coincidence,I think not LOL

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